Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fuck You Aeolus!

I live in a duplex. That means that earlier this year when the roof picked up a little wind damage on my side of the house, but quite a bit on my neighbor's side, I had to pony up to put a new roof on the whole shebang. Such is one of the perils of sharing a wall with someone.

So today, we've had some amazingly powerful winds whipping around (74 mph at the airport, according to local news). Luckily when I got home, my spiffy new roof in one piece.

The crappy metal slats in the under hang of the front roof and back deck, however, are another matter. Yay! Another call to my insurance company! Another appointment with the repair guys to see how much this is going to cost me! Ain't home ownership grand?

So, I think, for the night at least, I will choose to believe in Aeolus, whom the ancient Greeks believed was the master of winds. At least that way I have somebody at which to direct my anger.

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