Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Screw Just Being Nominated

It's nice to win one once in a while! Actually, I'm not quite sure what this one means or what I've done to deserve it, but that never stopped me from accepting accolades before. With that in mind, heaps of thanks to jedi jawa for awarding me with a Roar for Powerful Words! Spiffy graphic soon to follow. The whole thing apparently grew out of a blog in New Zealand (which, I've been told, is nowhere near West Virginia) and has spread across the blogosphere like so much virtual kudzu. What can I say - it's nice to be recognized by my peers.

Unfortunately, this award comes with strings attached, unlike, say, a Nobel or Pulitzer. I have to come up with three rules that I think are essential for "good, powerful writing," and then pass the honor on to five other bloggers. That sounds an awful lot like work, and I don't even get an oversized novelty check, but here it goes.

Three Rules for Powerful Blogging

  1. When in doubt, use all caps, bold, and funky colors to give your readers a seizure. Nothing jazzes up a dull blog post, or punches up a factless political/religious/sports argument like some good ol' fashioned Internet shouting. Add in bold text and funny colors, and you'll confuse your readers so much that they'll agree with you just so they can go read another blog.
  2. Well documented and linked-to facts are never as interesting as completely unsubstantiated rumors. Never let reality get in the way of a good rant. Hold an unfounded grudge against [insert presidential candidate name here]? Go on, write that you heard he spent his college years snorting crystal meth off the backsides of underage Cambodian sex slaves. Who cares if it isn't true? Imagine the number of comments you'll get!
  3. Don't take yourself - or your blog - too seriously. Unless you get paid for blogging, always keep in mind that it's a hobby and it should be fun. If you're not getting anything out of it, if it becomes a chore, or you think of blogging as some sort of obligation, just stop. Don't be afraid to take a blogging vacation to recharge your batteries (and upgrade your color palate and font size options).
Obviously, only that last one is serious. Blame the first two on the third one. And now to pass it on to five deserving victims, er, winners:
  • DC Comictician on Star Trekiology: Fully employing jedi jawa's Third Rule, I'll take a a couple of his suggestions for blogs worthy of recognition that he didn't make it to. The very Reverend Elvis shows us the way to the truth - that the nation is going to hell in a handbasket until we submit to the wisdom of the Justice League.
  • Raging Red: Another of jedi jawa's suggestions, another blog from a local lawyer that's a great read. Needs more frequent posts, tho', Red!
  • Interview With the Chinchilla: How can you not recognize the blog of a rodent who outscales his diminutive proportions every time he posts? Plus, he's interviewed me twice, so I figure I owe him.
  • Carpe You Some Diem!: Art, art, and more art. And occasionally music. And family stuff, too. And teaching stuff. Just go see for yourself, OK?
  • A Public Defender: A non-West Virginian, but a fellow public defender soul. Gideon tells it like it is for those of us who toil in the criminal justice system on the side of the accused and (frequently) guilty.
There could be more - everything in the links to your right is worth reading. Check 'em out and spread the love.

UPDATE: Surfing through the blogosphere later this evening, it looks like there are some redundant awards being handed out. Oh well. Not like it's a bad thing for people to be too rewarded for something, is it?


jedijawa said...

Hey, it's not our fault the blogging community in WV is so close-knit! :-)

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Thanks, JDB. I admire your blogging style too, brother.

I'll work on it soon. Who am I gonna tag? This small state gets smaller everyday I tell ya.

Mr. Chinchilla said...

This is frickin' awesome, JDB! Thanks!