Thursday, August 28, 2008

PDs Get No (Well, a Little) Love

Another good example of the low esteem in which the general public holds public defenders. Steven Bochco's (of L.A. Law, Murder One, etc. fame) new lawyer show, Raising the Bar, premiers on TNT next Monday. It's about young lawyers duking it out in the criminal justice system in New York. It's based, somewhat, on Indefensible, a book by a 15-year PD vet about his experiences. That sounds like a kick ass basis for a TV series, but it's apparently not enough:

'I thought it was terrific, but I didn't want to develop a show about a public defender,' Bochco says. 'I wasn't sure an audience would identify with someone who represents the accused. We've done a show with a more wide-angle point of view of the entire criminal justice system.'
I guess critically praised shows about mobsters, crooked cops, and a serial killer are OK, but not a PD! How naive to think that anyone could identify with someone who goes to work every day to stand up for the Constitution and try to help people out at their absolute lowest ebb? Nope. Gotta have some "good guys" for the audience to root for, I guess.

But, Bochco knows his stuff, so I can't blame him. I guess I'll just blame the culture in general.

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Chris James said...

At least officers of the court aren't singing this time.