Friday, March 17, 2006

Album of the Day

Hatfield and the North, by Hatfield and the North (1973): One of the "aha" moments in my prog renaissance in college was when I discovered Hatfield's second album, The Rotter's Club. It is, in a word, brilliant. Light and jazzy with staggeringly complex arrangements and a well voiced sense of humor. More recently, I discovered their eponymous debut album (in the local FYE, no less) and eagerly snapped it up. It's got lots of great moments, but it seems a little more rough and uncohesive compared to the follow-up. Still, it's hard not to like an album with song titles like "Going Up to People and Tinkling," "Licks for the Ladies," "Lobster In Cleavage Probe," and "Gigantic Land Crabs in Earth Takeover Bid." Plus, one of the bonus tracks is an early B-side version of The Rotter's Club's "Fitter Stoke Has a Bath."

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