Thursday, March 16, 2006

E tu, Howard?

I've never been a huge fan of Howard Stern. His radio show wasn't on the air around here (when it was actually "on the air") and the bits of it I saw on E! were more dumb and juvenile than actually funny. I did like his autobio Private Parts, however, particularly as it played up his struggle with "the man" and his fight to allow obnoxious jerks everywhere to be, well, obnoxious jerks. I put him in the same pantheon of First Amendment heroes as Larry Flynt - scumbags who provide objects lessons in how and why freedom of speech works. Alas, it was all an act on Howard's part. During his current anti-CBS media tour, Howard told (of all people) Sean Hannity that:

'I believe in censoring anyone who is my enemy. He also added, 'I believe in censorship when it benefits me.'
This in reference to a spat with another pair of NYC shock jocks whom he perceived as a threat and had the station (they and Howard were on the same station) place a gag order on them prohibiting them from talking about Howard or his show. Seems that Howard didn't learn the most important lesson about free speech - it's only really free if other people have the right, too.

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Sirius Sucks! Howie Sucks! XM and O&A Rule!