Monday, December 29, 2008

Late Entry for Dipshit of the Year

A while back, I took a group of Kentucky atheists to task for alleging, as part of a meritorious suit against that state to strip its homeland security plan of blatant God bothering, that the presence of the unconstitutional enactment caused them "mental pain and anguish." As I said:

Anybody should be made of stronger stuff, but particularly atheists. We're supposed to be the doggedly rational bunch, right? Such a frivolous claim allows those on the other side to point out the whining instead of dealing with the constitutional issue.
Now, from a letter to the editor in Colorado (via Volokh) comes a similarly thin skinned dolt:
Every time you wish us a Merry Christmas you are claiming that you have rights that we do not have. You are declaring that through your belief in a deity, you are better than us. Every time you say, 'Merry Christmas' to a non-Christian, you might as well be suicide-bombing them or nailing them to a cross, placing a crown of thorns on their heads and sticking a spear in their sides. You are trying to force your religion on them.
Putting aside the rather silly argument that someone saying "Merry Christmas" is an attempt to force religion on anyone, it's entirely over the top to compare it to something like blowing up scores of innocent people or an arcane and particularly brutal form of capital punishment. Get a backbone, man! Sticks and stones and all that, right? The fact is, this kind of whining will get much more play than, say, the first comment to that letter from a non-believer taking him to task. It makes us all look bad.

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