Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The War on Frosty

Christmas is over, but it's still winter, so how about a controversy over gigantic snowmen? Only in the Land of Palin. Radley Balko at Reason has the details on the city fathers of Anchorage versus Billy Powers and "Snowzilla," who lives in Powers's yard:

The first Snowzilla stood about 16 feet tall. But as Powers and friends began building this year's Snowzilla, the city sent Powers a cease and desist order, describing Snowzilla as a 'public nuisance' and a 'safety hazard.'

The next morning, Snowzilla rose anyway, this time topping a whopping 25 feet. Powers coyly insists he doesn't know where the second Snowzilla came from.
It gets better. A picket line of snowmen showed up at city hall, only to be, er, "dispersed" by the maintenance guy. According to the local paper:
A group of snowman protesters -- apparently rallying in support of the towering Anchorage outlaw -- appeared on Christmas Day in front of City Hall. They carried signs that read 'Snowzilla needs a bailout' and "Snowmen have rights too."

* * *

Today the remains of the protesters lay in frozen pieces. Their signs sat in a nearby Dumpster.
Fight the power, Snowzilla! Snow justice snow peace!

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