Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Album of the Day

Abacab, by Genesis (1981): Yesterday I was wondering why I ever bought that album. Today, I know why I did, but I could honestly live without it. For a long time, my Genesis collection ended with Duke (in terms of studio albums, anyway) and I didn't have any interest in going any further. I suspected that the later released live albums and videos covered the cream of the other albums and didn't really worry about filling the gaps. But when the boxed sets started coming out, the middle years set ended with Abacab, so I ended up with this copy. Turns out I was right. The tunes that I don't have live elsewhere (all of which are superior to their studio versions) are either forgettable or affirmatively awful. "Who Dunnit?" All three of them, according to the liner notes, for which they should probably do time.

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The Karate Kid said...

Genesis is a cool band.
It's the one with Phil Collins, right?