Monday, March 09, 2009

Album of Last Friday

Why I Sing the Blues, by B.B. King (1992?): Most of the B.B. King albums I own are either live records or collaborations with some other artists. This is, I think, the closest thing to a "real" studio album I have. I say "real" because I can't quite tell what it is. It sounds like it should be some sort of compilation, but I can't tell. Honestly, I prefer B.B. live. Although there are great tunes here - "The Thrill Is Gone," "How Blue Can You Get?", and "Sweet Sixteen" - I don't care much for all the strings that get layered on. Fortunately, B.B. tends to leave the strings at home when he hits the road. And hey, there's even a collaboration on here - Carole King plays piano on the close, "Chains and Things."

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