Monday, May 04, 2009

Album of the Day

A General Observation, by Boud Deun (1998): Liner notes can sometimes tell you a lot about a band, but maybe not so much in the case of the Virginia quartet's excellent live album:

In 1964 four young lads from Liverpool, England set out to become the world's greatest rock band. 30 years alter, Boud Deun was formed in Warrenton, Virginia. Coincidence? You be the judge.

One band played guitar, bass, and drums. The other band played guitar, bass, and drums . . . and violin. One band sang wonderful 3 and 4 part hormines. The other band, didn't sing at all. And finally, one band had 23 number one songs. The other band had 1 song 23 people seemed to really like. Simple chance? To the uninitiated perhaps, but to the trained musicologist, a cunning ploy by the four lands from Liverpool to change the course of popular music forever, and for Boud Deun to exploit their ideas for every penny they're worth.
OK, it does tell you they had a sense of humor. It doesn't tell you that they purveyed an blistering style of instrumental rock/fusion that really owes not at all much to the Beatles, unless by "Beatles" you mean "Mahavishnu Orchestra." Regardless, a brilliant band.

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