Wednesday, September 14, 2005

We Can Rebuild It: Bigger (?), Stronger, Faster

Both USA Today and The New York Times have extensive articles today about the rebuilding of New Orleans. Not so much whether we should, but how and where to do it in a way that retains the city's history and charm but allows it to be a modern 21st Century city. It will require walking a fine line (from the NYT piece):

Architects and planners worry that developers might try to recreate some fairy-tale version of the city, compromising its 300-year-old character. 'My big concern is that it will become a Disneyland,' said Raymond G. Post Jr., a Baton Rouge architect. 'If we come up with a plastic New Orleans, then you've got a plastic New Orleans. You lose the charm and the quaintness and the crooked walls and the old shutters.'
We certainly can't have that!

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