Wednesday, November 14, 2007

At the Movies, With Mike Keneally

From Mike's latest Email missive:

I'm leading with this: puhleeze don't see Bee Movie. By which I mean, you have to f***ing promise me right now that you won't see it. I'm giving you four seconds to say it out loud.

Brendon [of Dëthkløk fame -JDB]and I saw Bee Movie tonight based on a tragic and soon to be betrayed feeling that Jerry Seinfeld's involvement was likely to ensure some sort of reasonably quality entertainment offering. We were the only two people in the theater, which allowed us the blessed freedom to comment out loud to one another (the phrase "piece of sh*t" was used a lot) as the mounting, brain-melting absurdity of the film's pacing, plotting and characterizations turned into an unending, insulting, surreally poor and awful and…oh, you know what, I shouldn't dwell on this, it's not good for any of us. Please simply believe me when I say that this movie doesn't love you, doesn't care about you, doesn't deserve your patronage and precious money and just, please, my God, don't see it. Apart from all that though, "it's a rollicking good time at the theater!! Buzz, don't walk, to this movie right now -- bee there or bee square!" -- Mike Keneally
I felt I needed to pass that along. Sort of a public service announcement. Plus, I'm sort of a fan of bad reviews.


Hoyt said...

Bee Movie was a major letdown. The animation was amazing, of course, but Jerry and company simply didn't realize the comedy in the concept.

Of course, when you take a 3-year old kid to the movies, you can't exactly see American Gangster, now can you?

jedijawa said...

Dude, when is Ebert and Roeper on locally so I can get back into the habit of watching it again?