Friday, November 16, 2007

A Plea On Behalf of the Well Connected

One would think that, at the rate GOP operatives are being indicted for things, someone would peddle some legal insurance to the politically vulnerable. As the White Collar Crime Prof Blog points out, legal defense funds have been set up for such luminaries as Scooter Libby, Tom DeLay, and Jim McDermott (a Democrat, to be fair). The latest to take advantage of that trend are disgraced Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and professional Rudy Giuliani hanger on Bernie Kerik.

With so much being given to those who already have so much, I'm struck by the timeliness of this plea from the ever wise Sir Pratt:

Hello. I'd like to talk to you tonight about a minority group of people who have no mental or physical handicaps and, who, through no fault of their own, have never been deprived, and consequently are forced to live in conditions of extreme luxury. This often ignored minority, is very rarely brought to the attention of the general public. The average man in the street scarcely gives a second thought to these extremely well-off people. He, quite simply, fails to appreciate the pressures vast quantities of money just do not bring.

Have you at home, ever had to cope with this problem... (cut to a rich young yachting type surrounded by girls in bikinis) or this... (cut to a rich woman loading her chauffeur with all kinds of expensive parcels) or even this... (cut to a still of Centre Point)?

I know it's only human to say, 'Oh this will never happen to me', and of course, it won't. I'm asking you, please, please, send no contributions, however large, to me.
Charity, as they say, begins in Washington.


Muze Euterpe said...

Have Bill and Hillary paid off their legal defense fund? Oh wait ... their buddies were paying that off form them. I forgot.


Did you get your donation in?

JDB said...

Ah, Bill doesn't need my help. He gets plenty from speaking fees.

And why would you assume I'd donate, anyway? Believe it or not, I'm not a huge fan of Bill (or Hillary, for that matter).