Friday, November 23, 2007

I've Been Meme'd

Thanks to jedi jawa, you will all be forced to learn 8 random/(hopefully) interesting things about me. If you don't like the results, you know to whom to direct your complaints. :-)

1. Since number 1 on so many peoples' lists seems to be "what are you doing right now?": I'm sitting on my couch eating Jimmy Dean microwaved sausage biscuits (they're small) and watching Frasier reruns on Lifetime. Yes, I said "Lifetime." Deal with it.

2. Of my good friends from junior high/high school, I'm the only one to complete my education in West Virginia and stay in the state afterwards.

3. I wanted to be a lawyer from the time I was 12 or so and never really wavered all through school. That allowed me to fight off my parents' recommendation that I get an undergrad degree that would be "useful" if I didn't go to law school (history degrees aren't very useful otherwise, sadly).

4. I frequently stay up too late on "school nights" 'cause I get suckered in to watching and Futurama and Family Guy reruns on Adult Swim, even though I own most of Futurama on DVD and you can't swing a dead cat around cable without hitting an episode of Family Guy.

5. "You can't swing a dead cat . . ." is one of the colorful phrases I've picked up in the 8+ years I've been autocrossing.

6. I am the editor/publisher of Rich Mixture, the official publication of the Southern WV Region of the SCCA.

7. Although I'm a WVU fan by virtue of 7 years spent in Morgantown, my first college football love was the Michigan Wolverines, 'cause they have the coolest helmets on the planet.

8. The 3.5 hour drive to the girlfriend's house always seems a lot shorter than the 3.5 hours drive back from the girlfriend's house. Funny how what awaits at your destination works on your mind like that. ;-)

Told ya' - not all that fascinating. Since jedi went ahead and tagged twice as many people as he was supposed to, I'll follow Hoyt's lead and say that if you're within range of this post and haven't been tagged yet - then you're it!


iremonger said...

If you like Jimmy Dean, you'll love this irate Jimmy Dead customer service caller :)

jedijawa said...

Oh thanks for the scapegoating on the tagging thing. I just know you love passing along things like this. ;-)

BTW, number 2 gave me a pause and then I realized ... "oh yeah." :-)

Good job dude.

Muze Euterpe said...

Don't you have the drive to the girlfriend's thing backward?

I mean, the way you have it written is like you dread getting there so that it doesn't seem long till your there. And then, you can't wait to get away from her so it seems to take forever to get home.

I'm just asking. It seems all backward to me.

JDB said...

I don't think so, Muze. The getting there part flys by because I'm excited about seeing her again. The return trip seems longer 'cause I'm just returning to my empty little house.

For me, it never seems to take as long to get somewhere I want to go.

Buzzardbilly said...

I love those little microwave Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits. Nothing about them resembles the same foods if they were prepared at home, yet they are delicious. How do they do that?

So, I guess if you "can't swing a dead cat" without hitting Family Guy on cable, then you'd always be able to find it in "two shakes of a dead sheep's tail"?