Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Get a Life, People! (Football Edition)

Jeez, I thought the folks making death threats against the late Leona Helmsley's dog were the cream of the jacknut crop. In that case, at least the dog doesn't know what's going on. On the other hand, how about the assholes making similar threats against WVU kicker Pat McAfee? McAfee's sin is that he missed two short field goals against Pitt last weekend. Would those have helped beat Pitt? You bet. Is that the reason why we lost that game? Not really.

But even if he was solely to blame, this is unacceptable:

'The McAfee family has received support from the TRUE Mountaineer fan,' [McAfee's father] said in his e-mail. 'We have received countless phone calls and e-mails expressing support for Pat at this tough time.

'Pat has not. He has received actual death threats and people telling him they wished he was dead. E-mails, text messages and other ridiculous behavior. His house and car have been vandalized. Groups of 'fans' have stood outside his house chanting negative things. Things have been said to his girlfriend. I am asking that this be stopped.'
Sadly, the elder McAfee's onto something when he says "[t]his is the type of behavior you would see from rabid soccer fans in Europe." It's just a game, folks. More than that, for all the money in college sports, it's still played by kids. Pat McAfee isn't going to cash in on a big NFL payday. He's going to get a degree and go out and have a normal life. He shouldn't be treated to such ugliness because he had a bad day.

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