Thursday, December 13, 2007

Interesting Choice

I was once a member of the American Bar Association, but I let my membership lapse years ago and never felt the need to renew it. I'm sort of glad I did, as it has named disgraced former Attorney General Alberto "Fredo" Gonzalez as its Lawyer of the Year. It's even gone ahead and named his replacement, Michael Mukasy, as Lawyer of the Year for 2008. What the hell is going on here, exactly?

Upon further review, it appears that the ABA has taken a page from Time's Person of the Year issue, bestowing the honor on someone not for doing good but for simply having the greatest impact on the year past. Previous "winners" include Hitler, Khrushchev, Nixon (in back to back years, no less), and the Ayatollah Khomeini. With that in mind, Gonzalez makes sense as a choice for 2007. Still, for a profession so loathed by the public, is it too much to ask for the most well known trade association to celebrate good lawyers instead of bad?

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jedijawa said...

But ... if the Prez likes him he must be a good person right? I mean, doesn't the Prez have Jesus on his side or something?

Yeah, what a way to put the Bar out there. Maybe SCOTUS can have a Yuletide party by burning the Constitution while they're at it.