Thursday, December 13, 2007

If Ya' Gotta' Swing . . .

At least keep it under the radar, OK? This is pretty much a textbook example of how to draw attention to yourself:

Jim Trulock, 59, and his partner, 29-year-old Julie M. Norris, call themselves advocates for the swinging lifestyle. On weekends, they turn their home near Cedar Ridge Drive and Interstate 20 into the Cherry Pit, where guests can mingle, dance and have sex.

* * *

The Cherry Pit advertises on the Internet. The weekend parties reportedly draw as many as 100 guests.
That lead neighbors to complain and the city council passed an ordinance labeling sex clubs a public nuisance, citing excess traffic in the neighborhood and the possibility of sagging property values. That's almost surely a pretext for the fact that the neighbors didn't approve of how Trulock and Norris conducted their sex lives. Still, if my neighbor (who is a sweet little old lady and almost certainly not a swinger) had 100 people show up at her house every weekend, I'd be a little pissed, regardless of what they were doing.

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jedijawa said...

Sagging what? Oh, property values. :-)

You know ... I think that I saw a documentary on Netflix about swinging ...