Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Album of the Day

In Rainbows, by Radiohead (2008): Given my odd musical tastes, it's not surprising that I don't buy a lot of Grammy winners, at least when they're new and fresh. So score this one for me, at least! It won best album in whatever genre ghetto it was stuck ("alternative" I think), but did lose out for Album of the Year. Oh, well, that's probably about right. Every time I listen to In Rainbows I enjoy and admire it, but it lacks something that the previous few albums had. It just doesn't compel me to listen.

Speaking of the Grammys, it was a pretty good year for proggy stuff. In addition to Radiohead, The Mars Volta won an award and Dwezil Zappa's tribute band won an instrumental Grammy for its version of "Peaches en Regalia."

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