Thursday, February 05, 2009

Becks Is A Putz

Let me first say that, as a DC United fan, I've always felt that David Beckham was a putz. Still, his recent declaration that he'd rather stay with AC Milan than return to the Galaxy next season increases his putziness. Ever since Becks was loaned out, most thought he was probably gone for good. Still, for a man who once said this:

'I'm coming there not be a superstar,' the 31-year-old Beckham said Friday via satellite from Madrid. 'I'm coming there to be part of the team, to work hard and to hopefully win things.

'With me, it's about football. I'm coming there to make a difference. I'm coming there to play football.'

* * *

He's joining a so-so team in Major League Soccer, considered sort of bush league by fans in the more fervent soccer countries around the world.

'I'm not saying me coming over to the States is going to make soccer the biggest sport in America. That would be difficult to achieve,' Beckham said. 'Baseball, basketball, American football, they've been around.

'But I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think I could make a difference.'
The idea, at the time, was that a few seasons of Becks playing for the Galaxy would put more butts in seats (who would hopefully get hooked), raise the profile of MLS a little bit around the world, and general add some star power to the American soccer scene. The butts came, but not much else, and this departure will probably confirm to the doubters that MLS is just bush league.

That said, I tend to agree with Ives that MLS will overcome any negative hit that comes from Becks heading to Italy. Of course, with Becks setting sail and Landon Donovan probably gone to German power Bayern Munich, the Galaxy may be in a heap of trouble for next season. But as a DC United fan, I'm OK with that.

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