Monday, February 02, 2009

Warner Lays Blame

And it's Jesus's fault:

Tampa, FL (KE) -- Kurt Warner, the 37-year-old veteran quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, blamed the Christian God for the team's heartbreaking loss to the Pittsburg [sic] Steelers in Sunday night's Superbowl XLIII. Speaking to a pool of gathered reporters outside the team's locker room, Warner stated, 'I always credit God for my victories and earlier this week I said I had an advantage in tonight's game because of the power of Jesus. Clearly, however, Jesus let me down. And so I am not responsible for tonight's loss. If you want someone to blame, this one is 100% on the man upstairs.'
Well, OK, not really. But wouldn't that be great, just once? It's amusing, nonetheless. Almost as amusing as the folks in the comment thread who thought it might be real.

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