Monday, March 15, 2004

Tony George Is Officially Satan

As the OWRS seasons spins towards collapse before it has even begun, one might think that IRL founder and Indianapolis Motor Speedway head honcho would be content to sit and smile quietly to himself. Of course not. Instead he's off to slay another formerly sacred cow, the 33 car field of the Indy 500. That field size, which has been in effect pretty much since day one at Indy (except for George's 35 car field a few years back) is "just a number." Proving again, as Robin Miller points out, that George just doesn't get it and never has. For all the mistakes the CART powers that be ever made, none had the catastrophic effect of George's arrogant decision to start the IRL in 1996.

In the end, George may rule over the open wheel racing world in the United States. His domain, however, will be a shell of its former self, due largely to his misguided management.

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