Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Album of the Day

2112, by Rush (1976): 2112, with its side-long title track, was the really the first of Rush's run of excellent late 70s - early 80s albums. It was the first large scale work of theirs that really hung together and became sort of a blueprint for heavy prog-influenced rock for years to come. Side 2 is generally slighted, but it has its moment.

Ironically ("I don't believe in destiny / or the guiding hand of fate . . ."), I ran across this article today discussing the 100th birthday of Ayn Rand, whose Anthem was the inspiration for "2112" (Rand's novella has a happier ending, tho'). Her work influenced a lot of other earlier Peart lyrics, including "Something for Nothing" from this album and "Anthem" from Fly By Night.

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