Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Is Mathew Broderick Involved With This?

CNN.com had an interesting article today about a five-day series of war games being conducted by the Air Force focusing on space-based resources. Not in-space combat, but making effective use of satellites (and dealing with their absence) and the like during a hypothetical 2020 war on terrorism. The article sets the scene:

The classified tabletop war game, the third focused primarily on space, involves 250 military and civilian experts from about 20 federal agencies, and officials from Canada, Australia and Britain, all gathered at the isolated base on the plains east of Colorado Springs.

The game will pit friendly "blue" forces against enemy "red" forces, including state and non-state actors, some wielding weapons of mass destruction . . ..
So, does the Air Force provide the six-sided dice and the chips?

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