Monday, February 14, 2005

Thanks, USA Today

Just what everyone wants for a Valentine's Day gift - notice that they are part of the newest class of social lepers. According to the cover story in the Life section of today's USA Today, as the social stigma of being divorced slips away it's now being ramped us for those of us in (at least) our 30s who have never married. In their words, "if anyone's a pariah now, it's the never-married singleton." Whoopee! And it gets worse: "[a] man on his own is considered more than bad; he's vaguely dangerous." At least that was good for a laugh.

Hey, wait a second - chicks dig dangerous guys right? Hey, maybe this pariah thing ain't so bad.

1 comment:

Dima said...

Depends on what dangerous means - if it's a man who lives dangerously, as in being adventurous, that's one thing, but if we're talking rapist material, that's not so attractive