Friday, February 18, 2005

I Knew This Would Come Back to Bite Them

Even though I am now a full-fledged Netflix groupie, I have nothing against the fine folks at Blockbuster. But when I saw their new "no more late fees," ad campaign, I wondered how long it would take before someone actually read the fine print. Turns out that person is the Attorney General of New Jersey, who filed suit against Blockbuster for consumer fraud. The problem is that Blockbuster didn't get rid of late fees, only the first round of them that you'd pay if you were less than a week late returning your rental (basically the cost of an extra rental). After that, Blockbuster adds a $1.25 restocking fee (no biggy). But if you keep the rental more than 30 days, Blockbuster just bills you the purchase price for the DVD or game, which could hit upwards of $50 bucks.

Remember, folks, always read the fine print!

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