Monday, March 28, 2005

Be Wary of Those Who Rush to Support You

As of this writing (at least), it appears that the Schiavo saga has turned a corner, with the Schindler’s effectively conceding over the weekend that their legal options (never all that strong to begin with) have been exhausted. They’ve retreated from the field of battle and look likely to allow their daughter to pass on without any additional attempt at delay. The same cannot be said, however, for the throng of supporters they have (at least implicitly) cultivated over the past week. The pro-lifers, who have been engaging in such holy activities as having their children arrested, snubbed the Schindler’s request to disperse yesterday (to be with their families on Easter – what a concept!) and vowed to continue the struggle in DC. And now Congress, having gotten its feet wet last week in the area, is considering broader legislation to provide federal court access to all patients in Schiavo’s situation.

<>On a similar note, between halves of the US-Mexico World Cup qualifier yesterday (speaking of mercy killings) I caught Larry Klayman (sp?) of Judicial Watch intoning about Jeb Bush’s power to step in under the “right to life” set forth in the Florida constitution. That right, according to Klayman, cannot be “given away” (I think that was the term, it might have been “forfeited”) by anyone. Presumably, that means Klayman and his clan will be banging on Jeb’s door to do away with Florida’s death penalty any day now. <>

On what I hope is my final Schiavo note, over at FindLaw Michael Dorf discusses how the Schindler’s legal strategy in the federal courts blew up in their face. In his opinion, they might have had a shot had they taken a bit more care in crafting the issues.

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