Monday, March 21, 2005

Runnin' (Slowly) With the Devil

After Jesus showed up on a grilled cheese sandwich, it was only a matter of time before Satan manifested himself - but on a turtle? The loan survivor of a fire at a pet store, the sluggish reptile supposedly bears the face of The Great Deceiver on his shell. To be honest, I can't see it, but given my natural skepticism, maybe I never will. Why did Beelzebub go tortoise shell? According to the owner of Dora's A-Dora-ble Pet Shop:

'The marking on the shell was like the devil wanted us to know he was down there,' Bryan Dora said. 'To me, it's too coincidental that the only thing to come out unscathed would have this image on it.'
This kind of thing is meant to scare people, then?

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