Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ah, the Luncay of Reality

If you made this stuff up, they'd think you were crazy. From today's Charleston Daily Mail:

One of the home health workers deceived by a middle-aged Charleston financial consultant who posed as a diaper-clad, bottle-sucking baby in order to grope her breasts said the man deserved jail time instead of home confinement.
The victim, meanwhile, said she holds no ill will toward Mucklow, who she said made her change his diapers and play 'Barney' children's videos for him.


On her first day of work, she showed up at Mucklow's large Wood Road house early in the morning. She passed a woman she did not know coming out of the house. Mucklow was inside sitting on the couch, wearing a cloth diaper, watching cartoons and sucking on a pacifier.

'He always wore a diaper and plastic pants that you pull over them that had all the lace on the back of them,' she said. 'He liked to wear nightgowns and they were pink and ruffly.'


In his infantile state, she said Mucklow would grab at her breasts in an attempt to nurse. She said she gently brushed his hands away and rubbed them until he stopped.

Sometimes when she'd arrive for work, Mucklow wouldn't be there. She'd call around looking for him and discover he was at work. Then he'd come home in his car, often wearing a suit, and change into his diaper after entering the house.

Attorneys for Mucklow blame his odd behavior on problems with medication he was taking for epilepsy.

Geez, between this and the Nitro city councilman who sent naked pictures of himself over the Internet, we're quite the little region of kink this week, aren't we? Who says nothing interesting happens here.

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jedi jawa said...

Isn't it interesting how people always end up blaming their medication for their odd behavior choices? Sounds like the Twinkie defense to me man.