Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just Shut Up, Saddam

Not that Saddam Hussein ever had a lot of positive associations in my brain, but ever since South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut, I've never been able to shake the image of him as Satan's abusive lover (How did he get there? "It's been six weeks since Saddam Hussein was killed by a pack of wild boars and the world is still glad to be rid of him."), doing song and dance numbers. Now he's come up with another comedy association, after telling witnesses in his Iraqi trial that "we will crush your heads." Great, now he'll bounce back and forth in my head from Satan's lover to Mr. Tyzik's successor. What'll he do for his next outburst? "I'm Rick James, bitch!"?

1 comment:

jedi jawa said...

Future Saddam quotes:

- "No, no I kid, Americans are great...FOR ME TO POOP ON!"

- "Huh huh, huh, like ... America sucks ... or something, huh huh, heh, huh."

- "The American President is such a dee-de-dee, how can you listen to him?"

- "I will succeed, I'm on a mission from god. What light?"