Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Candy-Coated Conspiracy

My office allows for some flexible work schedules. I take advantage of that by going in early in the mornings and leaving early in the evenings so I can avoid rush hour traffic and have a little more time at the end of the day. As a result of the change when we shift out of daylight savings time this year, my mornings are pitch black, which sort of sucks. I've been willing to blame Duhbya for this (why not?), but it appears there is another culprit:

it gets even stranger than that, at least according to Michael Downing, the author of the 'Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time' (Shoemaker & Hoard, 2005). Mr. Downing says that the candy lobby also played a significant role in pushing Halloween into daylight saving time, believing that extra hour of trick-or-treating in daylight would spur more candy sales but arguing that it would decrease deaths. The candy industry and the bill’s sponsor dispute his account.
Of course the candy men would deny it - blame the farmers (although it appears that Wall Street is involved, too)! It's probably some Legion of Doom plot.


Elvis Drinkmo said...

The Legion of Doom may be behind it, but the Elders are also considering Borg involvement.

Children spending more time being led around in outfits that aren't their own might be just the kind of preconditioning that the Borg would like to see before they come and give us costumes that we'll never be able to remove.

jedijawa said...

I think we should blame "The Golden Compass".

Shark Girl said...

I was always told the daylight savings time was for school kids so they didn't have to be in the dark, going to school, during the winter months.

I never looked to see if that reason was true. I wish people would stop messing with the time.