Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Protest to Get Behind

From the girlfriend, (wo)manning the Pittsburgh bureau of the Ranch, comes word of an unorthodox method of political expression:

Women in several countries, including Australia, have begun sending their underpants to Burma embassies in a culturally insulting gesture of protest against the recent brutal crackdown. 'It’s an extremely strong message in Burmese and in all Southeast Asian culture,' said Liz Hilton, who supports an activist group that launched the 'Panties for Peace' drive earlier this week.

* * *

Hilton said women in Thailand, Australia, Singapore, England and other European countries had started sending or delivering their underwear to Burma missions following informal coordination among activist organisations and individuals.

'You can post, deliver or fling your panties at the closest Burmese Embassy any day from today. Send early, send often!' the Lanna Action for Burma website urges.
Flinging undergarments may win somebody a Nobel Peace Prize!


Rebecca said...

Dang! I just cleaned out the dressers and threw all the ones I never wear away. What a waste of panties that could have been used for peace!!


Muze Euterpe said...

Peace .... piece .... are they clean?

JDB said...

One would hope, Muze. If not, it'd go from a clever cheeky little idea to more of an "eww" thing.

jedijawa said...

Well, I don't think that was the sort of "support" intended by the garment manufacturers... :-)