Monday, April 20, 2009

Album of the Day

Gordian Knot, by Gordian Knot (1999): I can't remember what brought this band to my attention. Well, "band" is the wrong word, as it's actually a project of bassist/stickist/keyboardist Sean Malone. Joined by a host of talent guys, some more well known than others (Trey Gunn and John Myung), he produces a really interesting instrumental album. Some tunes are nearly Frippian soundscapes, while others have a churning metal undercurrent. The really cool bits, to my ears, however are the ones where Malone & Gunn pepper tracks with the distinctive complex funk that seems to flow so easliy from the touch guitars. Malone did a second album, recruiting more heavy hitters (Bill Bruford and Steve Hackett), but I've not heard it.

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