Friday, April 24, 2009

Album of the Day

Tales from the Acoustic Planet, by Bela Fleck (1995): On the heels of the trio Flecktone album, Bela and crew (although technically a solo album, the Wooten brothers are all over this disc) went unplugged, with great results.

But enough about that. Did you know that Bela made a movie? OK, so it's not Hannah Montana: The Movie, but I'm sure it'll hold up better in the end. It's called Throw Down Your Heart (NYT review here) and opens today, but unfortunately only in New York. It'd a documentary that follows Bela across Africa as he searches for the historical origins of the banjo. Along the way, he jams with a lot of African musicians and gets an appreciation for the continent. It sounds excellent and is already in the Netflix queue!

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