Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Farming!

Well, not really. More gardening, really. Not even that. Actually a hopeful attempt by me to avoid deploying the black thumb that's claimed most of the plant life I've ever tried to cultivate. Seriously, the only vegetation I've been given that I haven't killed is a bamboo plant (named George, after our former Shrub in Chief) the girlfriend gave me shortly after we met. It's hearty and will survive just about anything aside from malice, which I can just barely manage.

Which I way I have some hope for this project. For the coming of spring, the girlfriend gifted me with a starter herb garden, using a planter that's sat unused in front of my house for a couple of years. She filled it up with thyme, basil, oregano, and parsley:

If I can just remember to water the thing occasionally, I should have a bevy of fresh herbs to use in a few weeks. And if I remember to actually harvest them. And not do anything completely stupid. It's a low bar and I intend to meet it!

Besides, I couldn't let Maia's hard work go to waste. She so vigilantly supervised, and also kept the salamander at bay who was apparently living behind that planter, that she had to go have a lie down:

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