Monday, April 13, 2009

That "S" on His Chest Stands for "S&M"

Oh my, this is bound to ruffle some feathers amongst the faithful. Seems that one of Superman's creator had a more colorful side to his career:

Jeepers, Mr. Kent!

That's what a shocked Jimmy Olsen might say after seeing the hundreds of racy, violent and sadomasochistic cartoons by Joe Shuster, one of the creators of Superman, that have been unearthed by comic-book historian Craig Yoe
.When he was struggling in the 1950s, Shuster took to writing underground comics that sold off the books:
Within are naked women with whips, brutish men brandishing red-hot pokers, exotic torture and politically incorrect spankings. What makes the illustrations more than simply a curiosity of the times is the disturbing fact that many of the characters look exactly like Shuster's Superman and Lois Lane.

'Yes, they look like Lois and Clark,' Yoe says. 'Joe obviously had some very dark fantasies. There's a panel in an early Superman comic book where he has Lois over his knee and is spanking her. But certainly nothing of this depth or extremeness.'
Or maybe they are Lois and Clark? Were these books left out of the canon to spare the feelings of the faithful?


The Film Geek said...

"Is that a steel rod in your pants, Clark, or are you just happy to be my bitch?"

Nice ring to it.

Paul Higginbotham said...

Much to Lois's chagrin Clark was faster than a speeding bullet.