Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Album of the Day

ProgDay '95, by Various Artists (1997): ProgDay wasn't the first of the modern prog festivals (Progfest out in California beat it to the punch), but the annual gathering in Chapel Hill, North Carolina is the longest continuously running fest in North America. It's success, I think, has given rise to a host of others, including NEARFest (which just celebrated its tenth anniversary) and the Three Rivers Progressive Rock Festival near Pittsburgh, now in its second year.

This two-disc set covers everybody who played the first ProgDay, save Mastermind (their absence isn't explained). It's still an impressive roster - Ozone Quartet, Timothy Pure, Discipline (who would become sort of the Progday house band), Bon Lozaga, and echolyn. In the years since, the only band left together from that group is echolyn, ironically enough, as that was the last show the band played before they briefly broke up. Bon and some of the Discipline guys are still around in the "scene," however.

As for 3RP, this year's fest has some equally impressive big bames - Phideaux, IQ, Glass Hammer, King's X, etc. - so get your tickets today! I got mine yesterday and there are still plenty of good seats available, as they say.

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