Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Album of Last Friday

The Dream Nebula: The Best of 1971-1975, by Nektar (1998): As a general rule, I don't like to use compilation albums as an introduction to a particular band. I'd rather go out and get what's regarded as their best stuff and work my way, forward or backward, from there. I made an exception for this one, as I found it in a brick and mortar store somewhere (New Orleans, I think), vaguely knew the band name, and thought it wasn't outrageously expensive. Nektar were a band of Brits that formed in and influenced by the space rock and related scene in Germany. This collection (which doesn't even make use of all the CD space) contains three side-long pieces that work the best. I especially like the side of the Recycled album that wraps up disc 2, as it marks the first appearance of synth guru Larry Fast with the band. Having said that, I'm not particularly motivated to go check out any of the rest of their stuff.

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