Thursday, July 09, 2009

State of Surreal (Finale?)

Finally, New York's long national nightmare is over. The deadlock in the state Senate, caused when two Democrats switched allegiances and caucused with Republicans just long enough to royally mess things up, has been resolved. How? In the only fashion really fitting the farce:

Pedro Espada Jr. returned to the Democrats and was named Senate majority leader on Thursday as part of a deal worked out by Senate Democratic leaders, ending a monthlong stalemate that has hobbled state government.

Mr. Espada’s return gave the Democrats 32 votes in the Senate, a clear two-vote margin that re-established their control of the chamber.
Thus, what began with two Dem turncoats ends only after they both have a change of heart. Lots of sound and fury (told by idiots, to be sure) signifying nothing, in the end.

Leave it to Malcom Smith, the once and future Senate president, to deliver the ultimate punchline:
'At the end of the day, Democrats always come together,' he said.

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