Monday, August 24, 2009

Point and Laugh

Last week, Pam over at Pandagon shed light on a completely insane Baptist preacher from Arizona who is on video sermonizing about executing homosexuals and praying for the death of President Obama. Pam has excerpts, which are chilling.

But in a thread about this asshat over at PZ's place, a commenter points out another sermon from this guy that's just . . . well, take a look:

Now, there comes a point that, whatever hateful things somebody might say, he slides from frightening to ridiculous. This is it. Anyone who is seriously concerned with the Biblical stance on whether to stand or sit while pissing is fucking nuts, no question about it. Perhaps slightly more sane than the idiots in his congregation that applaud him, but only slightly.

So, point and laugh at the ridiculous Bible thumper, folks. Ridicule is the only thing he deserves.

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