Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Few Words

Now that I've escaped from the tangle of asphalt and blacktop that is the greater Washington, D.C., metroplex, I'd like to say a few words to the authorities who maintain that labyrinth.

First, to the Maryland State Highway Administration - thank you. The Interstates and other byways in the Maryland part of the metroplex are well signed, particularly at critical moments that could send a wary traveler off in the wrong direction if he missed an exit. And I can't blame you for the fact that everybody and their brother apparently decided to leave DC at the exact same moment yesterday. Job well done.

Second, to the Virginia Department of Transportation -


You nitwits are as bad as your counterparts in Pennsylvania! Getting in or out of town via the Commonwealth shouldn't be a game of hide and seek with road signs, off ramps, and on ramps. Here's a hint - if I can't get back on the Interstate the same direction I got off, tell me ahead of time, all right!

Yes, I was a bit frustrated. Happiness is the road my ass!

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