Monday, September 14, 2009

Take That, You Whippersnappers

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?
- Roger Waters
With the release of their entire catalog in remastered form last week, you'd expect that The Beatles would top the charts, for a week at least. Not so fast (via):
Dame Vera Lynn beat The Beatles and other artists to top the British charts on Sunday, and become the oldest living singer to have a number one hit album, at the age of 92.

* * *

'We'll Meet Again -- The Very Best Of Vera Lynn', a compilation of 24 of her best-loved recordings, has been rising through the charts, 70 years on since she recorded the title track.
Don't shed too many tears for the (remaining) lads from Liverpool, tho'. They still notched numbers five (Sgt. Pepper's . . .), six (Abbey Road), nine (Revolver), and ten (Rubber Soul), anyway.


Chris James said...


You ever though of marketing "Infinity Ranch Dressing?"

I bet it'd be a hit.

JDB said...

Yeah, but it would pretty much have to come in a bottomless bottle right? Not much profit margin, I'm thinking.