Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If Virginia Is for Lovers . . .

. . . then apparently Denmark is for anonymous hook ups? That appears to be the message, believe it or not, of a Danish tourism advertisement, highlighted by the BBC:

A video promoting tourism in Denmark has been removed from YouTube after complaints it promoted promiscuity.

* * *

In the advert, the woman says - in English - that she was 'trying to find August's father'.

'We met one night a year and a half ago when you were on vacation here in Denmark.

'We met... and then decided to have a drink and, yeah, it's really embarrassing but it's more or less what I remember.

'I don't remember where you're from or even your name.'
Not surprisingly, even many of the normally relaxed Danes weren't pleased with the spot or the image of their country it presented.

To her credit, the head of the tourism board has a pretty good explanation:
Ms Kiilerich said she regretted any offence the video may have caused, but the intent had been to tell "a nice and sweet story about a grown-up woman who lives in a free society and accepts the consequences of her actions".
What a novel concept.

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