Friday, January 16, 2009

Dumb But Fun

There's a truism in my profession to the effect that "our clients have the right to remain silent, but not the ability." The sad fact is that most people, once arrested, want to spill their guts and tell their side of the story. As if it matters. It's a source of constant frustration for defense attorneys, but it does have a bright side - people often say some amusingly stupid things.

Take this news item from the local paper:

After being arrested by police, a Nitro couple started to bicker about whether a home burglary had really been such a great idea, according to a criminal complaint.
That's right. Details:
While the patrolmen were investigating the burglary, Southworth's live-in girlfriend, Samantha Nicole Bishop, 23, approached the scene and started asking questions. Bishop told police that she had been in a nearby gambling parlor, but witnesses at the gambling parlor told police they hadn't seen the woman, according to the complaint.

* * *

The couple started to argue at the police department and Bishop told Southworth, 'I told you not to go down there, we should have just stayed home like I wanted. Now look - we're going to jail,' the complaint said.
It's not bad enough to get caught in the act of burglary, but your girlfriend shows up to rub it in (and get arrested in the bargain!). Criminal law is so entertaining.

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unsilentmajority said...

There are a lot of dumb criminals.