Thursday, January 08, 2009

No Return Without Receipt

Some gifts just can't be taken back. Like body parts. Once you give something like a kidney away, you're just not going to get it back. Even in a divorce (via Hit & Run):

When Dr. Richard Batista's wife needed a kidney, he gave her one of his.

And now that Dawnell Batista has filed for a divorce, he wants it back.

If he can't get the kidney, his attorney, Dominic Barbara of Garden City, said Wednesday that his client wants $1.5 million -- which, he said, reflects in part the value of the kidney transplant.
Good luck with that. Two problems spring to mind.

One, you can't put a dollar value on organ donation. It's illegal to sell body parts, so a kidney is technically worthless. Yeah, there may be a black market, but do you think a court is going to dive into that?

Two, could you be a bigger prick? I don't care what the woman did to you (allegedly or actually), to, in essence, demand money for saving her life is pretty low. Even jacknutish.

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