Monday, January 05, 2009

Know Your Lizard People

As the Minnesota Senate race shows some signs of winding down, it's worth reflecting on one of the more odd challenged ballots cast in that race:

That's right. Someone wrote in "Lizard People," not just for the Senate race, but also president (hey, they must have a deeper candidate slate than the Libertarians!). If you're wondering where this new power in American politics is coming from, this diary over at DailyKos has a humorous overview.

Alas, the voter in question, Lucas Davenport, has stepped forward:
'I don't know if you've heard the conspiracy theory about the Lizard Men,' said Davenport. 'A friend of mine, we didn't like the candidates, so we were at first going to write in revolution, because we thought that was good and to the point. And then, we thought the Lizard People would be even funnier, and there was kind of a running inside gag between some friends and I.'

Lizard People refers to the conspiracy theory there's a race of shape shifting lizards masquerading as humans who rule the world, but Davenport doesn't consider himself a believer.
Well, thank goodness for that. He's not a conspiracy nut, just someone with an odd sense of humor.

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