Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Studio Update

With the book on the shelf for a few weeks, I'm hoping to channel my creative energy back into tunage. To help me out, I've got a new toy to get the creative juices flowing in the studio:


That there on the left is a Korg M50, their new entry in the budget workstation class. It's got the same sound set and synthesis engine as the big time M3 workstation, along with a 16-track sequencer and some other goodies. It's a good sonic complement to the Micron and the sequencer should let me get some ideas down without having to go through the trouble of hooking up the laptop.


I haven't had much time to really dig deep into the features, yet. But tonight I managed to record about a minute's worth of music and get it saved for future use, so I'm learning.

M50 2

New music to follow, I promise! Or threaten. Take your pick.

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