Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Albums of the Day

The Wake, by IQ (1985) and Doomsday Afternoon, by Phideaux (2007): What do two albums recorded 22 years apart have in common? More than you'd think: (1) I listened to them both today, (2) they'll both be at 3RP this year, which pleases me greatly, and (3) long-time (but now ex) IQ keyboard player guests on one track of the Phideaux album. Of course, they're quite different in other respects. The Wake is a little clunky, in a charming "the band is still finding themselves" sort of way, while Doomsday Afternoon (the second part of an "eco nightmare" trilogy) has the smooth finish of 21st century production. Oh yeah, they both kick ass, too!

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