Friday, June 26, 2009

The King Is Dead

I'll be the first to admit that Michael Jackson's music does absolutely nothing for me, so I can't say I'm rocked by his death. Still he's been a pop culture icon, first as an entertainer and then as walking freak show, for most of my life. A star in the firmament of the known universe, for good or ill. Andy Tillison put it well this morning on the Tangent mailing list:

Quite literally he's been there all my life. It will be an odd world without him, despite the fact that it was a very odd world with him in it.
Of course, with his death, debate about whether Jackson was a child molester are bound to resurface. For the record, he was never convicted of anything (actually acquitted of all counts in a high-profile trial). An earlier settlement to dispatch a civil case looks more like paying off an annoyance than an admission of guilt. He certainly lived his life in a weird way, but that's not necessarily criminal, or even immoral.

Finally, if this report turns out to be true:
Michael Jackson arranged to give Paul McCartney the rights to the Beatles back catalog through his will according to reports published earlier this year.

* * *

Jackson had sold 50% of his assets to Sony but held the other half which would be given back to McCartney if the rumors are proven to true.
he at least went out with some class.

And if the King is dead, does that mean Prince gets the change his name? Again?!

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