Monday, June 15, 2009

That Really Hurts

Final score of today's Confed Cup match:

Italy 3
US 1
Number of goals scored by New Jersey-born Italian striker Giuseppe Rossi:
Speaking of turncoats . . .


Chris James said...

You get a choice between playing for the Patriots and playing for the Raiders...which team do you pick?

(hint: ask Randy Moss)

JDB said...

Yeah, well, Randy couldn't play professionally for the Belle Bulldogs, could he? ;)

I don't begrudge Rossi his desire to play for Italy, who have won multiple World Cups, after all. Unlike some of the loons at Big Soccer, I don't want his citizenship stripped, nor did I want one of our players to whack him with a vicious tackle yesterday.

But still, it wounds particularly deeply when our 1-goal lead against said champs vanishes in a moment of brilliance perpetrated by a Jersey kid!