Thursday, June 18, 2009

Albums of the Day

The Tar Tapes, Volume 2 (1998) and Guitar Therapy Live (2006), by Mike Keneally: Sort of a bookend of Keneallydom in the rotation today. Before he hooked up with Frank Zappa, Mike and a host of cohorts (including his brother, Marty) produced a series of DIY cassettes. A lot of those tunes found their way onto the two volumes of The Tar Tapes have Mike's solo career took off. They're a fun snapshot of nascent and unbridled talent. Guitar Therapy Live, on the other hand, documents Mike's last big tour and how hard it rocked. Still unbridled, but hardly nascent anymore!

And speaking of live Keneally, would you like to have Mike and his hetero life mate Bryan Beller perform for you? In, say, your living room? Well, now's your chance! See here for more details.

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